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Information and discussion session for parents and caregivers of adolescents.
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Counselling for Adolescents

Adolescence can be full of vibrancy, big dreams, new opportunities and developing inner strengths. Adolescence also comes with a particular set of challenges.
As a counsellor, I provide essential support for struggling adolescents to engage with their lives in meaningful and healthy ways.
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A message for Teens 13-17

Hopefully your teen years will be filled with great experiences, fun, joy and fulfilment. However, you may find being a teenager really difficult. In fact, the teen years may prove to be the most complicated and challenging time in your life.

You might experience: friction within the family, school pressures, difficulties with friends and peers, a feeling of being suppressed or restricted or lonely, misunderstood, lost, confusion about emerging sexual expression, feelings of not being valued or not being seen or heard, teen pregnancy and much more.

You could experience really difficult mental and emotional concerns too, such as: depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal idiation, identity crisis and being afraid of your darkest places. If any of this sounds familiar to you, don’t despair, instead reach out. We all need help at times.

I am a Counsellor who specialises in working with teenagers. I am here to support you. I want you to know that I fully respect that your life is yours and I want to honour what you believe is best for you. I’m not here to tell you what to do, rather to help you navigate your own life, to embrace your strengths, celebrate your achievements and to help you get beyond or better manage the things that are challenging.

Counselling for teens 13-17


A message for Young Adults 18-24

Young adulthood can be an exciting, fun, vibrant and engaging time in your life. There will never again be a time in your life where you have so many firsts to experience. Life can seem filled with infinite possibilities, unknowns and a whole new set of challenges.

Nearly all young adults will experience seismic shifts in their inner and outer worlds. As a young adult, you may question what happens after: finishing school, leaving home, moving to another state or even country, attending university, completing an apprenticeship, working in 100’s of different jobs (perhaps all at the same time)? You might be hitting 25 years of age and realise you haven’t met your hopes or expectations. Most young adults will experience their first serious relationship and you may find yourself to be a parent too.

As a young adult you may find yourself feeling: anxious, socially awkward or even incapable or immobile; prone to addiction, depression and other life limiting challenges. Young adults can resist the need to ask for help. However, change will only happen for you if there is sufficient support in your life.

I am a Counsellor who is here to support you. I specialise in working with the adolescent population, which by definition includes you. First and foremost is my absolute dedication to honouring your vision for your life, who you are right now and the person you want to be. You are the driving force of your life. I will have the privilege of being a witness to you living your life. And when things get tricky, overwhelming, confusing, screwed up; or you are feeling anxious, depressed, stuck in yourself or in a tricky situation; I will be here to support you to best find your feet and your way through tough times.

It must be noted that a person of 18 years or above, legally has a different level of autonomy and responsibility.

Strengthen Your Relationship - Strengthen Their World

Information and discussion session for parents and caregivers of adolescents.
Bookings Essential

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I find adolescents to be both brilliant and vulnerable. They need our understanding, acceptance and support. I am passionate and committed to the work of supporting adolescent people and the primary adults in their life.

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I have more than 25 years of working with adolescents. I am  a highly qualified Counsellor/ Psychotherapist, father of four boys, musician/ composer and a big fan of football. If you would like to know more about me then please follow the link:

Paul Archer

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