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Meet Paul

I love counselling. I have seen many and various counsellors throughout my life, sometimes because of the challenges I face, other times to get the encouragement I need to dream big. It is a deep honour to support others in their journey. Continue Reading

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Meet Sally

I am deeply passionate about counselling and feel really privileged to be with other women as they work through difficult experiences, emotions and stressors. Continue Reading

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being well-couselling-Paul-archer-counsellor-psychotherapist
being well-couselling-Paul-archer-counsellor-psychotherapist

A Relational Approach

Working relationally means we honour your life, your needs, desires, dreams and challenges. People are full of resources, capacities and abilities, some of which may still need to be discovered or developed.

Honouring your individuality and individual needs through acceptance, empathy, kindness and working at a pace that is right for you, is core to how we work. Initially, we will support you to bring your awareness to yourself. This allows you to explore your inner and outer world in a graded, meaningful and safe way. Through this process you may find and develop new ways of addressing problems, striving towards life goals and to become more able to make meaningful changes in your life.

We acknowledge that some have historically or continue to face incredible adversity. If this resonates with you, we want to express that you and your life are invaluable. We are committed to working therapeutically with people from all walks of life.

Ultimately we want all people to be able to live with authenticity, personal meaning and satisfaction.

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Significant Life Challenges

We are well equipped to work with people who face complex issues. We use a trauma informed and relational practice which is central to Gestalt Therapy. We are also guided by our personal journeys.

The Gestalt Therapy approach meets the highest standards in working with complex issues. Current literature identifies relational therapeutic approaches as essential when working with presentations such as trauma, depression and anxiety (and many more). Gestalt Therapy is a world leading relational methodology and is widely regarded as an excellent form of therapy for people who have persistent life limiting issues.

On a personal note, We both have worked very hard over past decades, doing our own therapeutic work, unravelling our own stories. As we have learnt to understand, live with and even honour our personal stories, we have become more and more able to be present to, and non judgmental of the stories of others. We have both walked this path. We are here to support you.

We are here to listen
being well-couselling-Paul-archer-counsellor-psychotherapist