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Join Paul Archer for an information and discussion session for parents and caregivers of adolescents.


Thurs. 8th September

6pm – 8pm

Small Groups: 3-8 people

$25 per person


Evolve Allied Healthcare
Suite 3/15 Woodlark St.Limsore CBD



You don’t need to sit in a situation that is troubling, confusing or overwhelming. Together, I would like us to share and discuss some of the common concerns parents and caregivers have with their adolescent children. 

As a parent/caregiver of an adolescent you may face difficult situations, mood swings and a raft of challenging behaviors. You may worry about what is happening in their world but they won’t discuss that with you. You may feel as if you are on the outer, as if a schism is forming between you. There may be conflict between you. However, in so many ways they still need you as much as they ever have. 


I will discuss adolescent development and its impacts on adolescent behaviors as well as ideas around how you as a parent or caregiver can enrich your relationship with your adolescent child.

I have seen time and again when people share their stories, and listen to the stories of others, all involved can feel less alone and burdens may become lighter.

This information evening is not a magic solution to all your worries, rather it is a starting point to help you explore and develop new ways of engaging with your adolescent child in more effective, satisfying and wholesome ways.  A healthy and supportive connection to you will have significant benefits to all aspects of their lives, and yours as well.

The groups will be small to ensure that there is time for discussion, sharing stories and asking questions that are important to you.

Headshot of Paul Archer

Join Paul Archer for an information and discussion session for parents and caregivers of adolescents.

Do you have something you would like to talk about?

I find adolescents to be both brilliant and vulnerable. They need our understanding, acceptance and support. I am passionate and committed to the work of supporting adolescent people and the primary adults in their life.

Headshot of Paul Archer

I have more than 25 years of working with adolescents. I am  a highly qualified Counsellor/ Psychotherapist, father of four boys, musician/ composer and a big fan of football. If you would like to know more about me then please follow the link:

Paul Archer

BAMus, GradDipEd, M.GestTherapy


Australian Counsellors Asssociation member number: 16997

Being Well Counselling Northern Rivers ABN: 93 115 879 166

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0437 671 400


Evolve Allied Healthcare

Suite 3, 15 Woodlark St.

Lismore, NSW. 2480

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